Wanna have a house dance????

Wanna have a house dance or a dance part with friends? All you need is 8 dancers and a little space. We can organize a band and caller for any event big or small. Dave Thielk 360-385-3308.

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June 1st - Chimacum Grange - The Rose Street Ramblers w/Jack Dunton Calling

The Rose Street Ramblers out for a ramble!
May 18th marked the end of the square dance season at the Quimper Grange in Port Townsend.  And a fine season it was. But . . . . there will be a June dance at the Chimacum Grange on June 1st!

Caller Jack Dunton will be keeping the dancers directed.  The Rose Street Ramblers will be playing southern tunes to rock the house.   The Ramblers include Becky Evasick on fiddle, Dave Thielk on banjo, Carol Hardy on guitar, and Lori Bernstein on stand up bass.

Dancing starts at 8:00.  Five bucks at the door.  Sixteen and under free!
Caller Nan Evans

For Contra dancers - On June 8 at the Port Townsend Quimper Grange, caller Nan Evans will keep us moving to the tunes of Airstream Traveler. The dance begins at 7:30 and ends about 10:30. $6.00 fee, $3.00 for those 3 to 18 years, free for under 3. The Quimper Grange is located at 1219 Corona St., in Port
Airstream Traveler

May - Scott Marckx, Jeanie Murphy and Jim Ketterman play for squares!

Jeanie Murphy

Third Saturday Square Dance

The Third Saturday Quimper  Grange Square Dance and Social (May 18)  features The Puyallup Valley Stringband with the fiddling of Scott Marckx, the banjoing of Jeanie Murphy, and guitaring of Jim Ketterman.

Caller Joanne Pontrello
Joanne Pontrello from Whidbey Island will call squares, reels and mixers!

Scott Marckx

Jim Ketterman

Contra Dance on Second Saturday

The Wharf Rats with caller Jeanie Murphy (second
from left in back row)
Come and join the fun Saturday, May 11 at the Port Townsend Quimper Grange as we dance to the tunes of the Wharf Rats with Jeanie Murphy making the calls. The dance begins at 7:30 and ends about 10:30. $6.00 fee, $3.00 for those 3 to 18 years, free for under 3. The Quimper Grange is located at 1219 Corona St., in Port Townsend.

April 3013 - Nan Evans with Contradictions; Anne Marie Schaefer and Cobbler

Second Saturday Contra Dance

The Contradictions
On April 13, enjoy contra dancing at the Second Saturday Port Townsend Community dance.  Nan Evan will be calling to the tunes of The Contradictions.   Dancing starts at 7:30 and ends about 10:30. $6.00 admission, $3.00 for those 3 to 18 years, free for under 3. The Quimper Grange is located at 1219 Corona St., in Port Townsend.

Third Saturday Square Dance

On April 20th, the Quimper Grange will host caller Anne Marie Schaefer
Jesse Partridge and Jay Finkelstein
Caller Anne Marie Schaefer
and Cobbler for the Third Saturday Square Dance and  Social.  Anne Marie, from Olympia, calls traditional squares throughout the northwest.  She graced Quimper Grange last spring, also.  Cobbler (Jesse Partridge and Jay Finkelstein, fiddle and guitar) play exciting music for square dances. With Jesse’s creative and fresh fiddling backed by Jay’s solid rhythm guitar, Cobbler cooks up a highly danceable, musical concoction as sweet and satisfying as the dish for which it is named.  Doors open at 7:30.  All dances taught. All ages welcome. Come with or without partners, herds, schools, or tribes.  $5.00 admission. Under 16 free.

March 2013 - Wild Phil (contras) and Last Chance (squares)

Four Big dance Events this month:

Square dance caller
Dave Thielk
March 16 - For the Third Saturday Quimper Grange Square Dance and Social, the Last Chance Stringband, with special guest Katya Kirsch on banjo, will be playing very lively southern tunes.  Calling for that event is yours truly, Dave Thielk.  Come as you are, as a single, couple, family, caravan, or troupe!  All dances will be taught; no experience necessary.  Admission is $5.00 (sliding up to $10 is so inclined).  Under 16 free. Dancers are encouraged to bring snacks to share. Dancing starts at 7:30.

Another traditional square dance event:  On Friday, March 22nd, The Victorian Festival is holding a square dance ($5.00 suggested donation). 7:00 PM.  The venue will be the American Legion Hall. Caller will be Dave Thielk with Last Chance Stringband.

Last but not least - Gabe Strand will visit Chimacum Grange on Saturday, March 30, to call squares.  Wild Phil and the Buffalo Gals play the tunes.  I think Becky is calling it a Spring Hoedown.  Be there or be square!

Joe Michaels, well known throughout our region, will be calling contras on March 9th (Second Saturday) at the Quimper Grange.   Wild Phil & the Buffalo Gals will be playing the tunes. The dance begins at 7:30 and ends about 10:30. $6.00 fee, $3.00 for those 3 to 18 years, free for under 3.

December 2012 - Airstream Traveler, Rose Street Ramblers, and a New Year's Eve Event!

Airstream Traveler will take you on a dance vacation!
Square dancers will be gathering at Quimper Grange on December 15th at 7:30 for an evening mirthful dancing and socializing. Airstream Traveler will be playing rocking old timey tunes. Seattle caller Carol Piening will be calling traditional squares, and a few New England surprises as well. Adults: $5.00; youth (16 and under): free. Dancers so inclined are encouraged to bring snacks to share. Pre-arranged work trades are available.

And, the second Saturday Contra Dance features the Contradictions with caller Nan Evans!

The Contradictions are Port Townsend
 biggest contradance  band.

And big news  -  On New Year's Eve, the Rose Street Ramblers and the Susannah Gals share the stage with  callers Nan Evans and Dave Thielk for a dance and social event for folks of all ages.  Squares from 8 to 10 and contras from 10 - 12.

Susanah Gals, with Becky Evasick, Carol Hardy, Carol Sword, and Lori Bernstein, will play old time tunes for the squares with Dave Thielk calling.. The Rose Street Ramblers, again with Becky Evasick on fiddle, will slow things down just a touch for the contra dance sets with Nan Evans calling.
The Rose Street Ramblers out for a little ramble?

The evening is intended to be family friendly. Come as a single, a couple, a family, or a tribe, and be ready to dance. Some holiday treats and beverages will be provided, and dancers are encouraged to bring their own if they are so inclined.

Susannah Gals!
Suggested donation is $12.00, however, NO ONE WILL BE TURNED AWAY AT THE DOOR! Please dance the night away at the Grange and help us continue to maintain this wonderful community building.

Saturday at the Grange! The Onlies with Tony Mates. Be there!