Wanna have a house dance????

Wanna have a house dance or a dance part with friends? All you need is 8 dancers and a little space. We can organize a band and caller for any event big or small. email me - Dave Thielk

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November 2018 - Bobbi Nikles, Jere Canote and Jack Dwyer with Dave Thielk

November 24 Square Dance with Dave  Thielk calling and Turkey Sandwich Club on the strings!

Turkey Sandwich Club
The November 24 (8 PM) Quimper Grange Square Dance and Social brings local musicians and callers together for a post-Thanksgiving gathering at Quimper Grange.  Dave Thielk calls squares and related sets as far away as Juneau, AK and Westby, WI, and for all ages and abilities. Turkey Sandwich Club features Bobbi Nikles on fiddle, Jack Dwyer on mondolin, and Jere Canote on guitar. The November square dance is one of my favorites each year because it falls on Thanksgiving weekend, and is always local folks!  What a great way to extend the holiday celebrations into the weekend. 

All dances are taught. All experience levels are welcome and
Caller Dave Thielk
encouraged. This is a family friendly event (no alcohol). Quimper Grange is located at 1219 Corona in Port Townsend. Admission is $5 if you arrive on bike or foot or bring a non disposable water bottle; $7 for car drivers; 16 and under is free. Bring yourself, a special friend, the family, or the whole tribe. Come at 7 and jam with the band. For more information, call Dave Thielk at 360-602-1270.