Wanna have a house dance????

Wanna have a house dance or a dance part with friends? All you need is 8 dancers and a little space. We can organize a band and caller for any event big or small. email me - Dave Thielk

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November 2015 - Square Dance with Anne Marie Schaefer and the Possum Carvers; House Concert with the Todolo Shakers; Contra dance with Fred Park

November 6 House Concert with Todolo Shakers

On November 6th at 7:30pm, the Quimper Grange is excited to host a house concert by the fabulous Todalo Shakers. The Shakers play vintage jug band, party blues and old time rags & stomps which sound like they are lifted right out of 1928 in Memphis, Tennessee or Dallas, Texas. The band features lots of harmony singing, making for a rich palette of vocal blends and a great feeling of camaraderie; the exuberance and fondness that the musicians feel for their material and for each other is unmistakable.

Band members include Eric & Suzy Thompson, Frannie Leopold, W.B. Reid and Matt Weiner.

November 14 Square Dance - Caller Anne Marie Schaefer with rockin' good tunes from the Possum Carvers

Thunder in November?  Yep, at Quimper Grange! November 14!  Caller Anne Marie Schaeffer, along with the carnivorous Possum Carvers, welcomes all ages and all abilities.   Come on down to the Grange tonight, by your lonesome, or with a friend, or with your tribe.  All dances taught, all ages and experience levels are welcome, all dances are taught.  8:00.  Bring an instrument and jam with the band at 7!  Dancers are encouraged to bring snacks to share, and their own personal water bottle.  For more info call Dave Thielk at 360-301-6005.

November 21 Contra Dance with Fred Park

The delightful, smooth, and inspirational Fred Park will be calling the contra dance this month.  Don't miss this chance to dance to one of the best callers around.  Dancing starts at 7:30 at Quimper Grange!

November 23 Contra Dance with George Marshall in Port Angeles

For details, check out this link:

George Marshall dance in Port Angeles